A synopsis of emperor of china self portrait of kang hsi

A project-starting press conference held on December 28, Then, the director was Liu Jiang,[4] who quit the project later due to a busy schedule. The official character posters were released on February 12,

A synopsis of emperor of china self portrait of kang hsi

He was also the son of Soninone of the four regents appointed to assist the young Kangxi Emperor during his minority. As Empress Xiaochengren's paternal uncle, he was also therefore, the great-uncle of Yinrengwho was crown prince throughout most of the Kangxi Emperor's reign.

Songgotu inherited the noble title First-class Duke from his father, Sonin.

A synopsis of emperor of china self portrait of kang hsi

Songgotu helped the young Kangxi Emperor depose Oboia regent during the reign of the young emperor. Gradually, Songgotu gained more power and became one of the most prominent officials under Kangxi.

He was involved in a long power struggle with Mingjuanother leading official at Kangxi's court. He also acted as a diplomat and signed the Treaty of Nerchinsk with Russia. During Kangxi's expedition against Dzungar khan GaldanSonggotu advocated for a withdrawal, but was reprimanded by the emperor for suggesting such a strategy.

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Songgotu was later implicated in the heir-apparent crisis, and was imprisoned and executed. Kangxi rescinded recognition for all of Songgotu's achievements during the latter's life, with the sole exception of the Treaty with Russia.

A synopsis of emperor of china self portrait of kang hsi

In the story, Songgotu was an aristocrat who befriended the protagonist Wei Xiaobao.A self portrait of Lian Suo, painted with remarkable detail, plays a key role in the courtship. At one point, the painting becomes a moving, speaking live-action image of Lian Suo and she leaps from it into the room, leaving a blank space on the painting.

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