Asylum to snowden

Nicaragua, Venezuela offer asylum to Snowden Jul 05,8: Snowden has asked for asylum in numerous countries, including Nicaragua and Venezuela. He made the offer during a speech marking the anniversary of Venezuela's independence.

Asylum to snowden

Kucherena stated that Snowden has been relocated to a "safe place," which will not be disclosed, and reportedly has "no plans" of leaving Russia.

He noted that Snowden had been reading Russian classic literature and begun studying the Russian language. The Russian decision to harbor Snowden is rife with controversy. Kremlin foreign policy aide Yuri Ushakov stated that "this situation is too insignificant to affect political relations.

He also mentioned that the decision might derail a planned September summit in Moscow between President Obama and President Putin, but added that no final decision had yet been made.

In any case, the Russian maneuver is most certainly going to undermine the current status of U. The question then arises as to why Russia decided to grant asylum to Snowden.

Evidently, the view that Russia simply decided to take in the whistle-blower in an act of unprecedented benevolence does not jibe with the traditional stance of Russian diplomacy.

Asylum to snowden

The argument that Edward Snowden could prove invaluable as a diplomatic pawn, however, does. The simple fact is that Edward Snowden, who has worked for a number of years at high levels of U. Indeed, if Russia had wanted to take Snowden on purely ideological grounds, they could have done like many Latin American countries such as Venezuela and Bolivia, and offered him permanent asylum.

But that does not seem to be the case. Instead, my guess is that Russia intends to harbor Snowden until the value of keeping him outweighs the value of giving him up, hence the one-year-renewable visa. Following this logic, the turning point will come either when Snowden ceases to have anything valuable to offer Moscow, or when the U.

Since the latter does not seem likely in the present state of affairs, Russia has no reason to give up Snowden.

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Ultimately, the Russian decision can be traced back to some of the most basic international relations principles. It seems like Edward Snowden is safe to dabble in the writings of Dostoyevsky and the like — at least for now.Jan 18,  · Mr.

Snowden, a former National Security Agency contractor who was granted asylum in Russia in , will be allowed to remain in the country for “a couple more years,” Maria Zakharova, a. Jan 18,  · Mr. Snowden, a former National Security Agency contractor who was granted asylum in Russia in , will be allowed to remain in the country for “a couple more years,” Maria Zakharova, a.

"As head of state, the government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela decided to offer humanitarian asylum to the young American Edward Snowden so that he can live (without) persecution from the empire," Maduro said, referring to the United States. Aug 01,  · Edward Snowden, the ex-NSA contractor who blew the whistle on its transnational mass surveillance programs, arrived in Moscow from Hong Kong on 23 June , en route to Ecuador where he had requested political asylum.

Edward Snowden asylum in Russia is part of the aftermath from the global surveillance disclosures made by Edward June 23, , Snowden flew from Hong Kong to Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport.

Noting that his U.S. passport had been cancelled, Russian authorities restricted him to the airport terminal. Nov 07,  · It’s not clear that he ever asked the Government of India. India wants a stronger military and economic relationship with the US, and India also has an extradition treaty with the US.

So why would India want to incur American wrath by hosting one.

Asylum to snowden
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