Case study urachal carcinoma in a young man

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Case study urachal carcinoma in a young man

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract The urachus is the remnant of the cloaca, which in adults attaches the bladder dome to the umbilicus.

After birth it obliterates and presents as the midline umbilical ligament. Patent urachal anomalies are usually detected in childhood. In adults they occur very rarely and the presentation and diagnosis may be occasionally challenging.

We present and discuss the case of an infected urachal cyst found in a 30—year—old adult. The physical examination revealed periumbilical tenderness, erythema and discharge from the umbilicus. There were no signs of general infection. The laboratory tests were all within the normal limits.

The ultrasound scan suggested the presence of an abscess within the abdominal anterior wall. A CT scan Figure 1 confirmed the presence of an infected cyst in the midline of the abdominal wall, with no communication with the bladder. The patient was given antibiotics and prepared for surgery.

During laparotomy, a urachal cyst with the cuff of the bladder dome were removed Figure 2. The patient was discharged four days after surgery. Pathology revealed benign urachal cells with no signs of malignancy.Primary urachal adenocarcinoma: A case report. Partial cystectomy with en bloc urachectomy up to the umbilicus is considered the gold standard for the treatment of urachal carcinoma when the disease is surgically resectable.

H. M’rabti, H. ErrihaniTreatment of metastatic urachal adenocarcinoma in a young woman: a case . report a case of TCC in a urachal cyst, in a young man who presented with an infraumbilical abdominal mass with malignant tumor noted at the umbilical extreme of.

Case study urachal carcinoma in a young man

Case Report A year-old man presented to our hospital with phy have been used to delineate colo-urachal fistulas. The use of a barium study helps confirm the nature, lo- tent are commonly detected for a urachal carcinoma (4).

Case Study: Urachal Carcinoma in a Young Man A 26 year old man visited our clinic with gross hematuria starting a few months ago. Urinalysis showed many RBC, and . Treatment of metastatic urachal adenocarcinoma in a young woman: a case report. Elmehdi Tazi 1 There is an additional case study in the literature from Japan that describes a patient with metastatic urachal carcinoma and a history of considerable chemotherapy whose lung lesions had a marked response to irinotecan. Urachal . Urachal carcinoma is an uncommon neoplasm associated with poor prognosis. A year-old man was admitted with complaints of abdominal pain and pollakisuria. A soft mass was palpable under his navel. TC-scan revealed a 11 × 6 cm tumor, which was composed of a cystic lesion arising from the urachus and a solid mass component at the urinary .

In our case, the use of CT imaging demonstrated the. Urachal carcinoma has been estimated to comprise % of all bladder cancers. Adenocarcinoma is common among urachal carcinomas, whereas squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is very rare. We report a case of primary adenocarcinoma of the urachus. Case presentation.

A year-old man was referred to our hospital with . The Youngest Korean Case of Urachal Carcinoma According to the MSKCC study of cases, two young men, who were and years old, respectively, were found to have urachal cancer [ ]. e -year-old man received extended partial cystectomy, umbilectomy, and pelvic LN dissectionandsurvivedat.

-monthfollow-upwithoutlong-. The urachal carcinoma usually presents as a supravesical mass and tends to occur at the junction between the urachus and the urinary bladder or as a mass in the dome of the bladder. Transitional cell carcinoma (TCC) in urachal cyst is still a rarity.

Case study urachal carcinoma in a young man

We report a case of TCC in a urachal cyst, in a young man who presented with an infraumbilical.

The Youngest Korean Case of Urachal Carcinoma