Character analysis anis zaki in adrift

Salti From the Reviews: It is worth noting that the translation by Frances Liardet succeeds in conveying both the colloquial nature of the dialogue among the characters and the classical tone of Mahfouz's descriptions of the various settings. Salti, World Literature Today Please note that these ratings solely represent the complete review's biased interpretation and subjective opinion of the actual reviews and do not claim to accurately reflect or represent the views of the reviewers.

Character analysis anis zaki in adrift

By Geoff Wisner The fiction of Naguib Mahfouz is marked by a clear, harsh view of modern Egyptian life, and his characters are frequently unsympathetic. Though its theme is familiar -- the absurdity and emptiness of life in Cairo, and the yearning for a serious existence -- Adrift on the Nile is marked by an unaccustomed sympathy, even tenderness for the characters.

Amid the current turmoil in Egypt it offers a glimpse of a more peaceful time. In the evenings Anis serves as master of ceremonies, tending the water pipe for a group of male and female friends who gather to smoke, banter, and flirt with one another.

Though their gatherings are sometimes roiled by political disputes or romantic misunderstandings, the friends are not really challenged to examine their lives until a new character arrives: Little happens for most of the book, and the relationships among the characters are allowed to unfold gradually.

Much of the story moves in and out of the dreamy, drug-blurred mind of Anis, slipping sometimes into a stream of consciousness, and the narrative shifts fluidly from the first to second to third persons.

Ragab poured Samara a whiskey. Anis saw Sana snatching a furtive look at Samara from beneath her curls, and he smiled. As the coals glowed, he became merry. He offered the water pipe to Samara, but she declined, and all his encouragement was in vain.

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Everything was silent, save for the bubbling of the pipe. Then they were swept away on a stream of diverse remarks. American planes had made strikes on North Vietnam. Like the Cuban crisis, remember? And as for the rumors, there was no end to them.

The world was teetering on the brink of an abyss. The price of meat, the problems of the government food cooperatives -- and what about the workers and the peasants? And corruption, and hard currency, and socialism, and the way the streets were jammed with private cars?

And Anis said to himself: All these things lie in the bowl of the pipe, to go up in smoke, like the vegetable dish, mulukhiya, which Amm Abduh cooked for lunch that day.In Tharthara fawq al-Nil (translated as Adrift on the Nile), , a complete opposite to Meriamun’s floating along the Nile in Dweller in Truth, we are on a house-boat on the Nile among disillusioned and cynical gamblers, loafers and addicts.

Naguib Mahfouz. Adrift on the Nile

The government official, Anis Zaki, who has lost his wife and his daughters, is the centre of a. Anis's kif-fuelled fantasies add poetry to the philosophical arguments, until reality intervenes, the group disintegrates and paradise is transformed into hell.

Emad Hamdy's portrayal of Anis Zaki is truly Oscar worthy, and so was Adel Adham (who always played his supporting roles to perfection).

Ahmed Ramzy excels at playing the ageing leading actor; I believe he based the character partly on himself (he was a dashing leading man in the 's and 60's, and by the early 70's his career was /10().

Character Analysis: Anis Zaki in Adrift on the Nile Right from the beginning of Adrift on the Nile Anis Zaki the main character is involved in drugs.

For Anis Zaki drugs are a part of his life in all aspects. (Adrift on the Nile, 6) Anis Zaki and his friend use a pipe as an inhalant for heroine every day on the boat, as a way of.

Character analysis anis zaki in adrift

Adrift on the Nile, one of the brief novels Mahfouz wrote in the ’60s after completing his massive Cairo Trilogy, is an exception to the rule and a good introduction to his work. Translated from the Arabic by Frances Liardet, it was published by Anchor Books in ADRIFT ON THE NILE By Naguib Mahfouz New York: Anchor Books Doubleday, , from original.

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