Children and foreign language essay example

Note that all band score estimates are approximate. Some experts believe that it is better for children to begin learning a foreign language at primary school rather than secondary school.

Children and foreign language essay example

Children and foreign language essay example

Children and Foreign Language Essay - Paper Example Children and Foreign Language Essay In line with the globalization, foreign language is very crucial in term of the trade field, exchanging cultures among countries,etc especially English as international language - Children and Foreign Language Essay introduction.

Accordingly, I think that children should learn foreign language as soon as they start in school,especially in kindergarten.

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These are very useful in learning foreign language. As a result of this will lead to their pronunciation like native speakers when they grow up. In addition, if children stat to learn foreign language in kindergarten, they will have a plenty of time to practice and become more fluency.

We will write a custom essay sample on Children and Foreign Language Order now More Essay Examples on In fact, the popularity of using the Internet, broadcasting foreign TV channels and expanding the tourism have given children much more a chance to practice with the time.

Besides, adults tend to be afraid of making grammatical mistakes when they speak, therefore they have a tendency to ashamed to speak in public. But children do not worry about that, because they just repeat day by day words and sentences which they hear from their teachers and native speakers.

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I think that children should begin to learn a foreign language as soon as they start school. Even many parents taught their children the foreign language before elementary school.

It is obvious that really necessary. People can learn a language easily when they are young. Many older people often say that they are too old to learn a foreign language. A healthy child has a better and quicker memory, so the new things he learned may not be forgotten easily with the process of time.

When you go to the primary school, you begin to learn the knowledge from your teachers. Most of them use their native language while teaching you. More and more opportunities to speak Chinese will affect on the consequence of foreign language study directly, unless we start learning it as soon as the school begins.

In fact, neither do the foreigners. If they start to learn a foreign language as soon as they go to school, they may also talk with each other in it.

What a good chance! It will help a lot, I think. In a word, learning a foreign language as soon as starting school is helpful and important. Nowadays, some may hold the opinion that children should begin learning a foreign language as soon as they start school, but others have a negative attitude that learning a foreign language early will pose too much pressure on kids and will affect their mother-tongue learning.

As far as I am concerned, I agree that bilingual education should start as early as possible. My arguments for this point are listed as follows. I agree with the statement without reservation since children learn second languages quickly than adults.

As we have observed, children can learn languages faster than adults; and immigrant children translate for their parents who have not learned the language; and that child learners speak without a foreign accent, whereas this is impossible for adult learners.

Therefore the earlier kids learn a second language, the less difficulties they would meet when they grow up and have to face a foreign language speaking environment. Many parents and teachers know how to teach kids a second language in an interesting way.

One of my students told me that, when he was in kindergarten, every day his mum taught him a few Chinese characters as well as their meaning in English. As time passed, the kid became keen to learn English. Sometimes he gave mum and dad a quiz by speaking some English words and asking them what their meaning is.

Bilingual education will not affect the mother-tongue study of children. As we are living in an environment of pure Chinese conversation and traditional culture, it is impossible for us to give up our culture and language. Teachers also are trying to arrange the curriculum in a proper way.

For instance, they create an English-speaking environment for children in the morning, and a Chinese-speaking environment in the afternoon. Bilingual education has become a trend. No matter we like it or not, future educational undertakings will become more international, and exchanges between schools throughout the world will increase.

Given this, speaking a common language is important and, to this purpose, bilingual teaching is an inevitable way. Choose Type of service.The adults, however, don't have time to learn new languages but they use what they know, grammar, of the first language to learn a new one e.g.

most sounds are similar in different languages and also foreign grammatical patterns are almost similar to English, this gives a adults advantage over the children. And the essay: Many educators claim that children will benefit if they start studying a second language earlier than high school.

I entirely agree with this view, although certain professionals voice worries that a foreign language could harm children’s mother tongue. Home — Essay Samples — Science — Language and Linguistics — Foreign Language VS Mother Tongue This essay has been submitted by a student.

This is not an example of the work written by professional essay writers. For example, children learning a foreign language normally have a tendency to practice the language with other children who are learning the same subject even though they are not in the same classroom.

Now let us discuss some negative aspects. The first one is language interference or mixing languages. After learning a foreign language, the child might start mixing all the languages he or she knows and might use the words of one language while speaking another language.

Children and Foreign Language Essay. In line with the globalization, foreign language is very crucial in term of the trade field, exchanging cultures among countries,etc especially English as international language - Children and Foreign Language Essay introduction.

Generally, learning foreign language is considered as a way of building bridges to nation’s success in today’s integrated.

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