Condom distribution

Description[ edit ] The female condom is a thin, soft, loose-fitting sheath with a flexible ring at each end. They typically come in various sizes.

Condom distribution programs have been shown to be the most effective in preventing STIs and HIV when implemented as a component of a larger education and prevention strategy.

Condom distribution and promotion programs involve the distribution of condoms and education about condoms as a mechanism to prevent HIV transmission. Most often these types of programs are implemented as a prevention strategy in conjunction with education and other risk-reduction programs.

Rural organizations and health departments Condom distribution distribute condoms and other risk-reduction supplies during education and testing events.

For example, one rural community-based organization organized a prevention education team that works with regional partners to offer education programs and risk reduction supplies in regional high schools and universities.

Examples of Condom Distribution Programs: Chattanooga CARES implements a condom distribution program as part of its prevention, education, and outreach programs. As part of these programs, CARES implements the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention evidence-based intervention Healthy Relationshipswhich incorporates condom distribution by conducting outreach to people who are living with HIV to suggest condom use with new partners and to change other risky behaviors.

This intervention has been shown to effectively decrease risky sexual behaviors. The Mpowerment Interventiona program included in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Compendium of Evidence-Based Interventionsincorporates a condom distribution service within their community-level HIV prevention program.

Young gay men serve as peer outreach workers and educate other young gay men in small-group settings on proper condom use and offer free condoms.

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Maine Health Equity Alliance is a nonprofit organization serving rural counties of Maine that offers a condom and dental dam distribution program in all of their offices free of charge. In addition to these services, the organization also offers free, anonymous sexual health consultations; case management services; and a syringe exchange program in an effort to prevent HIV transmission.

Considerations for Implementation Distributing and educating about condom use is a well-known HIV prevention strategy. Still, in some locations, implementing programs that include condom distribution can be a challenge.

While many evidence-based prevention interventions include condom distribution among populations such as adolescents, there are barriers in some communities. Distributing condoms in schools as part of health education courses is acceptable in some school districts but is not universally accepted.

Condom distribution

As with other types of programs, funding and resources should be considered before implementing a condom distribution program.

CDC notes that, in order for a condom distribution program to be effectivecondoms should be offered for free, should be distributed broadly, and distribution should be complemented by other HIV prevention and risk reduction interventions.

In addition, targeting high-risk individuals and those most in need of these services can be a challenge. In small rural communities where people feel there is a lack of privacypicking up condoms from an organization or purchasing them from a store may be difficult.

Resources to Learn More Condoms and Sexually Transmitted Diseases Website Provides comprehensive information about condoms and how they can be effective against sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. Facts about sexually transmitted diseases are presented, as well as facts about condoms and how the U.

Food and Drug Administration works to ensure condom quality. A Meta-Analysis of U. The findings from the review suggest that interventions focused on improving availability and accessibility of condoms could be one of the most promising methods of increasing condom use.

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Condom distribution makes condoms readily available to individuals either for free or at highly subsidized prices. Track record: Condoms effectively prevent HIV transmission through sexual intercourse. The effectiveness of condom promotion and distribution programs is less clear.

DOH Condom Distribution Form for Businesses. Please be advised that this service is for Washington, DC businesses ONLY. The DC Department of Health HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, STD, and TB Administration (HAHSTA) encourages the use of latex condoms to prevent HIV and sexually transmitted diseases.

Condom Distribution. The NYC Condom Availability Program (NYCAP) distributes a wide variety of condoms, including: NYC Condom (an ultra-lubricated male condom).

Become a Condom Distribution Partner.

Condom distribution

The Get HIPP 2 HIV Campaign provides residents access to free male and female condoms through clinics, community partners, and local businesses. The following describes the qualifications your business or organization must meet to participate.

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