Diversity training action research project

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Diversity training action research project


First, to develop a mechanism for reporting and responding to incidents and resolving disputes that arise. The commission views this as the most basic and critical step in addressing the immediate needs of our faculty, staff, and especially our students. Second, to provide leadership to the university on matters of diversity and inclusion, we must restructure and centralize existing units and personnel, and add the human and financial resources necessary to create one centralized office.

These two priorities should be swiftly addressed. The other recommendations are of great importance and will be advanced through the leadership that will be established by a new office, with the expectation that the broader IUP community will be fully engaged.

Several themes emerge from the actions recommended in this plan, including the need to: Develop and implement a protocol for early response or intervention in the university community when discriminatory incidents arise.

Develop and implement clear mechanisms for resolving disputes related to diversity and inclusion issues. Invest additional resources and restructure or centralize existing units to enhance the leadership, visibility, collaboration, efficiency of, and access to diversity and inclusion resources.

Restructure functions and traditions that promote diversity and inclusion for example, by enriching the whole student experience through a more intentional and bolder delivery of the Liberal Studies curriculum.

Please download the Diversity Action Plan for the full recommendations of the commission. Origins of the Commission: The origins of this commission are noteworthy. The first recommendation of the authors of the campus climate study was to establish a task force to lead the effort to develop a Diversity Action Plan for the university.

Driscoll charged this commission with: How the Recommendations Were Developed IUP has developed, over the past five years, a healthy history of using a collaborative, mutually consultative approach to launching institutional projects.

Following the development and adoption of the Vision Statement, the community was charged with the creation of a new strategic plan, which was also developed in a participatory fashion and was very well received. Because the process was so open and widely participatory, the university community welcomed with pride and self-assurance the Middle States Accreditation Visiting Team during its February site visit.

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To assure that its work is inclusive and transparent, the commission adopted a structure under which commission members led six subcommittees in the discussion, analysis, and development of recommendations pertaining to specific areas of focus selected by the commission.

IUP students, faculty, staff, and administrators were invited to serve on the sub-committees. This invitation was met with an overwhelming response: Individuals who could not be assigned to any of the limited 60 sub-committee slots were urged to participate in the work of the commission by providing feedback directly to the commission.

The commission and its sub-committees met regularly during the spring and fall semesters.© Diversity Best Practices • leslutinsduphoenix.com 1 Exploring Unconscious Bias We now have a vast body of research, conducted at some of our finest institutions of learning – Harvard, Yale, the University of we have already launched into action subconsciously before we have even started “thinking.” Our sense of.

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Diversity training action research project

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developed an Action Research project to attempt to improve the cultural diversity training at the Midwest Police Academy (MPA).

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One of the recommendations from Schlosser’s project was to, “find ways to create more class participation for racial and ethnic diversity . ILRU provides training, technical assistance, and information dissemination on a number of topics and in a variety of formats.

On-location, online and on-demand trainings, Webinars and teleconferences provide timely information on a wide range of topics.

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