Essay on morphemes

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Essay on morphemes

Abstract This article is an opening phase to introduce the study of morphology and difficulties in finding the exact definition that fully explains the term.

It further investigates the importance of morphemes as a major component of words with reference to the differences between derivational and inflectional affixes. Introduction Morphology as a major level of linguistic analysis plays a considerable role in producing and building thousands of English words.

English derives a huge number of words on a daily basis from all the languages of the world and morphology gives you an idea about the source of the words with rules and regulations on how to form new words.

Even a child might utter a sentence that has never said before. Language is a subject and is on a process of continuous change. Words go on changing meanings and new words continue to be added to language with the changing needs of the community using it.

Whether definitions work out without further detail is still questionable. Morphology, for instance, is defined by most linguists and morphologists as the analysis of word structure.

Obviously, words have meanings but what about words like, a, an, the. Do they really have meanings or are they just grammatical functions? In science, the term morphology has come to be used to refer to the branch of biology which studies the form and structure of plants and animals.

Essay on morphemes

Linguistically, morphology deals with morphemes and how they operate in the structure of words. It appeared in the 19th century for the first time. It is often expected to face difficulties in identifying a word within a phrase or a sentence because there must be a space between one word and another, for example, Jane is my mother-in-law.

Is mother-in-law one word or three words? The answer is clear; it is one word because it represents one entity. Similarly, a word has to have the ability to stand alone and give meaning. Also, the relationship among words sometimes seems to be difficult to recognize.

For instance, it is raining. The answer is no. That is why the above discussed definition does not meet all the criteria in defining the term morphology with its relation to word structure. Morphology is crucially connected to syntax and word formation is the most highly engaged subject in morphology.

That is why the majority of the definitions of morphology concentrate on word structure. Added to that, words are the smallest units of syntax. Morpheme It is worth conferring the concept of morphemes and how they function in the formation of words.

But when a suffix like, -s is added it becomes pens, which contains two different morphemes, the noun pen and the —s of plural. The plural marker -s cannot stand alone to give meaning and it is never a word by itself and it has to be attached to other free morphemes to have a grammatically correct meaning and this is known as bound morpheme.

In the same way, impression consists of three morphemes: In addition, all the words can be morphemes but not all the morphemes can mean words. The words car and pet are independent morphemes in themselves, but the word carpet has nothing to do with the meanings of car and pet.

Accordingly, words that have one morpheme are called mono-morpheme, e. Words that have more than one morpheme are called polymorpheme, e. Derivational and Inflectional Affixes All affixes are bound and they are of two types:Evaluate schema theory with reference to research studies essay virtual team research paper allama iqbal essay in sindhi language words george mason admissions video essay mass media internet essay student health and personal hygiene essays meaning morphemes and literacy essays writing a college essay introduction bourgeois and proletarians.

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The word cropduster consists of three morphemes, two lexical morphemes, crop and dust, and a grammatical morpheme, -er. In this section we'll only be looking at words with a single lexical morpheme and one more grammatical morphemes.

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