Legalization of marijuana debate speech

Do any of these seem beneficial for people? My opponent has stated in the comments box that marijuana creates the "perfect employee". First let me define key terms. Nobody is perfect which make humanity so superior.

Legalization of marijuana debate speech

Legalization of marijuana debate speech

Your brain on weed They voted unanimously in favor of the new bill, first approved by the country's cabinet in May On January 19, votes were unanimous in favor of the new "cannabis as medicine" law, which will come into effect March People with multiple sclerosis and other severe illnesses will be able to obtain the drug legally with a prescription.

Doctors will also be able to prescribe marijuana or cannabis to patients for whom the drug could alleviate symptoms, such as chronic pain or nausea, or who may see a positive effect on their disease progression, according to a statement PDF from Germany's Federal Ministry of Health.

Read More Germany will now create a state-regulated program to cultivate the crop for its medicinal use in the future and to ensure its quality.

Until then, plants will be imported. Personal possession of the drug remains illegal in Germany, though small quantities in possession are not usually prosecuted. Germany now joins a list of countries experimenting with new laws, both medicinal and recreational, regarding marijuana control.

The global picture Marijuana, or cannabis, is "the most widely cultivated, produced, trafficked and consumed drug worldwide," according to the World Drug Reportbut its legality has long been a topic of debate worldwide. In the US, Maine recently confirmed legalized recreational marijuana use, joining seven other states and the District of Columbia.

Medical marijuana is now legal in more than half of US states. This mirrors a global trend. InCanadian officials said they aim to introduce legislation in to legalize and regulate marijuana.

Uruguay is the only other country to legalize cannabis. Ireland, Australia, Jamaica and Germany approved measures in for its medicinal use, while Australia also granted permission for businesses to apply for licenses to manufacture or cultivate marijuana products for medicinal purposes and to conduct related research.

Decisions are still pending in South Africa.

Legalization of marijuana debate speech

Maine recount concludes yes to recreational marijuana, totaling four states that OK it They join more than 20 countries exploring the possible benefits of legalization. But as with the drug itself, the laws vary, as does the potency of control, and the world is waiting to learn what will work best.

He has no stance on whether marijuana is "good or bad," he said, but wishes policies around the drug had the data typically required when approving a new therapy. Hard to knock medicinal benefits Portugal is a pioneer when it comes to drug reform laws, as the nation decriminalized the possession of all drugs -- not just cannabis -- for personal use in As a result, the country holds the greatest body of evidence about the impact such a change can have on policy.

But filtering out the specific impact in terms of cannabis is difficult. However, he acknowledges that the basis for medicinal benefits from marijuana is strong, with a range of experts, including himself, recognizing its use to alleviate chronic pain, muscle spasms, anxiety, and nausea and vomiting -- most of which are linked to a variety of disorders, including multiple sclerosis and cancer treatment, which underlies Germany's rationale behind it's new ruling.

The latter is linked to improving anxiety as well as epileptic seizures, proving to be life-saving for children with a severe form of epilepsy. It's quite remarkable," said Dr. The drug is categorized as schedule I, defined as having no medicinal value.

It needs to be treated as a medicine. Their new laws provide government-controlled sources of marijuana for anyone, not just those who need it for medical use. These two countries "are the only ones that have nationally approved cannabis," he said. They believe the intermittent step of medicinal legalization provides insight into how the drug will penetrate the population when access is made easier.

Evidence also shows that removing penalties for drug use hasn't led to an increase in drug use in Portugal, as many voices in the opposition would argue.

Instead, it reinforces the fact that criminal drug laws do little to deter people from using them, according to a report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. They should instead "decriminalize and watch carefully," he said.

But information coming in might make clear the best way to regulate the drug in coming years. The impact in Germany, for example, may differ from states in the US.An Argument in Favor of Marijuana Legalization in the United States.

1, words. The Differing Views in the Controversial Debate About Legalization If Marijuana. 1, words. 2 pages. Pro Marijuana Groups Argued That the Drug Should Be Legalized for Medical Use.

Marijuana Legalization Speech Essay Sample

words. 2 Next week, voters Colorado, Washington, and Oregon will cast ballots on the question of legalizing marijuana use. If passed, the ballot initiatives would directly contradict federal law, which Speech Debate- Marijuana Affirmative Side Uploaded by Jozele Dalupang example of speech in debate.

proposition: Marijuana legalization. this speech covers necessity /Speech-Debate-Marijuana-Affirmative-Side. I together with my team stand that Legalization of Marijuana for Medical purposes is necessary. Over 80, cancer cases was reported by the Department of Health and Philippine Cancer Society in alone that made us one of the most number of cancer patients in October 28, Marijuana Legalization The legalization of marijuana has been a heated topic of debate for many years.

In , the United Sates of America passed the Marijuana Tax Act, which made transfer or possession of cannabis (marijuana plant) illegal throughout the US under federal Essay Ethical Issues with Legalization of Marijuana.

Marijuana is the third most popular recreational drug in America behind only alcohol and tobacco, and is estimated that nearly 80 million Americans use it at least one

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