Mobile phones blessing or curse

Mobile phones are considered by many as an essential part of modern day life, from the businessperson who uses the mobile phone as a vital link with the office, to the teenager who has the phone for recreational use. By using mobile phones are we damaging our long-term health just to stay in contact or worse simply just for a good image? Mobile or cellular phones have changed dramatically over the past two or three years.

Mobile phones blessing or curse

Print This Mobile phones have become ubiquitous in our society. In fact, telephones have been around for several decades in some form or another tracing back to the invention of telephone way back in s by Alxendar Graham Bell.

Alexander Graham Bell's success with the design of telephone came as a direct result of his attempts to improve the telegraph which was the most widely used electronic communication device. The technology began to take shape in the late s, when the idea of a mobile phone was introduced.

Mobile phones are looked upon as a modern invention. However, their origin can be traced to the time when radio messages began to be captured successfully. Just about years ago, people always wanted a device which could connect them with their families, business associates and loved ones all around the world at any given time possible.

Nobody at that time could imagine that a device like a mobile phone could keep them connected, on the go to their loved ones despite being kilometers away. Arguably, mobiles phones have become one of the best gifts that humanity has ever received in the twenty first century because of its numerous benefits.

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It is a fact that having a mobile phone nowadays is a sort of a necessity and it is an inevitable truth that the mobile industry is taking everyone by storm. A mobile phone is a device with so many advantages contributing convenient living for both the old and young generations.

Apart from serving as a great medium in telling lies i. This includes keeping you in constant contact with people you consider important, helps you seek help immediately during emergency cases, and gives a sense of being financially uplifted in the past, lessen your boredom, example listening to your favorite music and as well as watching movies through downloading.

Also the mobile phone can be used to take wonderful pictures of both happy sad moments as well as aiding studies through the use of the internets features on the phone. But, is everything about the mobile phone a blessing?

Other "possible carcinogens," according to the WHO, include lead, exhaust from gasoline engines, chloroform, and coffee.

But the report stated clearly that cell or mobile phones radiation might cause cancer to the human brain.

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Thirty one scientists from 14 countries, including the United States, spent a week poring over existing studies of which they added radio frequency electromagnetic fields to a long list of "possibly carcinogenic". At the high end of the scale, ionizing, solar, and ultraviolet radiation were classified as "carcinogenic.

Given the current state of the available evidence, what do you think? Will you still express contempt to the warnings, or are you worried? What about your cell phone use? Will you limit your own talking on the cell? Nevertheless these tips from my views may help reduce your radiation exposure, if you really prefer to exercise caution; Use a Headset Headsets will help reduce radiation exposure than from a phone pressed to your ear.

Another option is to use your speakerphone behind closed doors, please. If using the phone without a headset, wait for the call to connect before placing the phone next to the ear Text, Don't Talk Text messaging involves less radiation than does making a phone call.

Just don't text while walking, since bumping your head will hurt you much more quickly than any wireless radiation might.Free Essays on 5 Paragraph Essay On Mobile Phones Blessing Or Curse Addiction for students. Use our papers to help you with yours 1 - The blessing and the curse of the cell phone turned out to be in the way it has enabled us to live in our own virtual community and opt out of the physical community around us.

Mobile Phones- A Blessing or a Curse Hello and welcome Ladies and Gentlemen. This afternoon we are going to be discussing whether mobile phones are a blessing or a curse and whether any action should be taken regarding them. I regard them as a great blessing.

The mobile device is likely to keep transforming the way we do things because of the many advantages it presents and, therefore, it is not even possible to think about life without it. It is the. The mobile phone is not a curse for teenagers, while it can lead them to getting in trouble in school or with their parents it does not mean it is a bad thing all around for them.

They need to learn to use limits and follow the rules set up for them. The question here is whether mobile phones are a blessing or a curse.

Mobile phones blessing or curse

According to the “ mobile growth statistics” 91% of all people in the world have mobile phones and 56% own a smart phone, also according to mobile growth statistics the average age of owning a mobile phone now is

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