Nightly business report august 20 2015 traffic fatalities

The last single-year increase of this magnitude was inwhen fatalities rose 8. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx.

Nightly business report august 20 2015 traffic fatalities

It's his latest in a series of posts that will tell you all you need to know about the football-contest scene, with season-long updates from Frank and Anthony Curtis, so be sure to keep checking out the dedicated Football Contest section, supplemented by regular posts and tweets from LVASports.

When questioned, staff responded that they're just changing things up and relocating their gaming area, as per last week's official press release see initial link above.

Time will tell, but there are definitely some drastic changes afoot at the Grand, where the Mob Bar has already been bottle-less for awhile. Perrico's alter-ego or one of themthe Pop Evolution band, continues with its ongoing residency at the Smith Center, too, while you can also catch Perrico playing with noir chanteuse Laura Shaffer Mondays in Tuscany's Piazza Lounge.

A new post from James Grosjean at Beyond Numbers sees the notorious Advantage Player in a feisty frame of mind as he muses on the laws used against professional gamblers, their original intent, and the competency of those currently invoking them.

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He's on fine acerbic form and you might want to don some protective clothing to shield yourself from that razor-sharp wit. You don't need to be an AP to read, enjoy, or learn from Legal Musings: Are you a bloomin' onion or a coconut shrimp?

Just print out this coupon. It costs a little more to cab it after a rate adjustment that's recently gone into effect. The SuperBook at Westgate Las Vegas unveiled portions of its new video wall this weekend and it's a monster.

The gigantic high-definition screen is the highlight of the book's redesign that will also feature a new bar facing the screen the existing sports book bar faces away. It's expected to be up and running for opening day of the NFL. There will be locally fabricated pet houses on display, which will be raffled as prizes, plus various scheduled pet-adoption times, a pet parade, and more.

Visit the official website for more info and a complete schedule. Must be 21 and up to attend. The bonus applies to both slots and video poker until 4 p.

July visitation was up a strong 5. A reminder that tonight's the last chance to catch David Perrico and his Pop Strings four of whom are in the backing band for Celine -- yes, they're that good in Rock's Lounge at Red Rock. Doors at 10 p. You have until 6 p. There's still time to make wagers on today's baseball games to amass some losers to put into the drum -- or better yet, some winners that you get paid on.

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By chance we just came across notice on the website of Carlito's Burritos a former LVA 'Local Corner' pick and personal lunch favorite of Anthony Curtis' that now that the annual Hatch green chile-roasting season has wound down they stopped roasting last Tuesdaythe restaurant will be relocating.

Our new location will be E. We'll keep you posted of updates. Frugal Vegas blogger Jean Scott wrote to us with this additional clarification regarding this weekend's buffet-comp promo from Station Casinos. You can keep them for future use, i. The massive domicile, with its menagerie and memorabilia collection, was due to be opened as a public attraction.

Now it is again, and it's set to debut September For the latest, check out Friday's Question of the Day. If the ongoing scandals involving football as in soccer's governing body and the allegations of endemic corruption involving international bribery and match fixing has passed you by, evidently the same is not true of downtown's Mob Museum, which on Tuesday, Sept.

The weekend brings together some top handicappers from around the nation for networking events, a golf tournament, and a series of seminars that are scheduled to begin at 6 p. Entries for the SuperContest itself remain open until 11 a. For everything you need to know about all of this year's football contests, check out the dedicated feature at LVASports.

Station Casinos is running a good play-for-buffet deal this weekend.

nightly business report august 20 2015 traffic fatalities

Today, Saturday, and Sunday, earn same-day points and get a comped breakfast or lunch at any Station or Fiesta. Earn points to get a comped brunch at all but Red Rock and Green Valley Ranch, where points are required.

Las Vegas News - August | Las Vegas Advisor The bounce back evaporates.
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Celine returns; it's your last chance to catch Pop Strings at Red Rock; there's late-night burlesque in a tent at Caesars; and live comedy from those hilarious Impractical Jokers.

Those are the highlights of the highlights, which follow in full:Tonight on Nightly Business Report, the second half of the year is underway.

added just about 20 and the S&P tacked on four, but closed above the The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says fatalities in rose nearly 8 percent to 35,, the most in seven years. And naturally, those numbers come out as AAA says this.

jackie deangelis, nightly business report correspondent: after hitting 6 1/2 year lows, it may appear like crude oil has found support at just about $40 a barrel. Small Business Saturday is the nation-wide holiday right in the middle of the holiday season aims to celebrate and support local businesses.

nightly business report august 20 2015 traffic fatalities

Published November 20, at PM Four infants in Texas needed life-saving treatment for botulism between August and October, and all four had used pacifiers containing honey, the FDA said.

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This week, Thrive of Southern New Mexico deadline is August 31st for their Day of Caring which is October 12th. As of August 12, , the included table summarizes July traffic fatalities and all year to date traffic fatalities (through July ), which adhere to the San Francisco Vision Zero traffic fatality case definition 1.

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