Rising divorce rate in pakistan

Men and women have the equal right. They can do what they want to do. If they love each other, they are going to get married.

Email Copy Link Copied From a young age men and women but more especially women, really are taught about the notion of the big day. We learn to aspire to the ideal of settling down with someone and saying I do.

Statistically, the reality for many of us is that it may take quite a while to find Mr or Mrs Right: In the western world, divorce may be cause for at most some idle gossip among friends, but we have the freedom to leave and to continue our search for The One.

Rising divorce rate in pakistan

The social acceptance of divorce - including various religious and cultural conventions - in a nation may in part contribute to this, as indeed may the ease and expense with which a divorce may be carried out.

While nations such as Jamaica, Colombia and Mexico all had comparatively Rising divorce rate in pakistan levels of divorce, some ostensibly traditional nations reported surprisingly high rates of divorce.

Yet it is only number 10 on the list of the world's most divorced nations, suggesting that all is not lost for the nation's monogamists.

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With such a high population however, there are still an awful lot of marriage break-ups happening - one every six seconds, in fact. And, perhaps predictably, the more often you marry, the more likely you are to then divorce: Paris may be the city of love, but not everyone, it seems, is happy there and the city has the highest divorce rate in all of France.

While French society may be accepting of divorce, the high proportion of marriages that end in the country does pose questions about the wellbeing and happiness of the nation: Rural regions have considerable lower levels of divorce than their urban counterparts, with the northern region of Brittany reporting the lowest divorce rate.

One such service is marriage and, as such, Cubans are entitled to apply to the government to have the costs of their wedding and honeymoon covered. This laissez-faire approach to the wedding goes hand in hand with a casual approach to the institution of marriage and a high divorce rate.

A new trend that's emerging in the island nation, however, is a lack of interest in marriage: The nation is a former satellite state of the Soviet Union which has had legalised divorce for a long time, and as such it's more or less accepted by society.

Rising divorce rate in pakistan

As with Cuba, however, a newer trend showing a dramatic decrease in marriage levels has been the more significant talking point in the country. This trend - more and more common in countries with a high divorce rate - may be attributed to the high levels of divorce creating a society disillusioned with marriage.

It should be pointed out that unlike several other nations, Estonia does not offer any tax breaks to married couples, only those cohabiting, meaning that there is no legal or logistical incentive for couples to marry.

Luxembourg sees many travellers, expats and others pass through the country. Grounds for divorce in the country require that both parties are above the age of 21 and that they have been married for at least two years, although legal separations and annulments are also possible.

As with other nations, the marriage rate in Luxembourg is falling, while those most likely to divorce in the country are between 40 and 49 years of age. Socially, Spain appears to be moving away from its religious heritage and since divorce was legalised inthe figures for couples filing for it have been on the increase.

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This indicates that Catholicism has become more of a cultural identity rather than a religious practice, so Spaniards have no qualms about moving towards a more secular approach. The financial troubles the country has suffered in recent years have also been cited as another reason for marriages in the country breaking down.World Divorce Statistics– Comparisons Among Countries Below are several graphs and figures showing the divorce rates across countries.

Included are the best estimates of divorce rates for many leslutinsduphoenix.com are specific charts for Europe, Asia, Islamic countries and Oceania. Oil slips on signs of rising supplies, economic slowdown jitters Divorce rates climbing in Oman (Shutterstock) Follow @arabnews.

Divorce on the rise in Oman, while marriages drop. Updated. The divorce rate in Pakistan is on the rise. However, this is relatively lower than the regional and western countries due to Islamic What Is The Divorce Rate In Pakistan: Reported Khula Cases In Punjab Province The year ,; The year .

In , the crude rate of divorce was per one thousand of the population and this increased to in while the rate of separations also rose to from during the same period. Religious groups have equated women's rights campaigns with promotion of obscenity. They say the new Punjab law will increase the divorce rate and destroy the country's traditional family system.

The divorce rate has been on the rise in Pakistan over the last couple of decades. Particularly, in the last two months, women have filed legal suits for divorce in Lahore and divorce cases were brought to court daily.

Increasing divorce rate in Pakistani women.