Storage building business plans

Traffic count minimum of 20, High density of homes Few competitors within 3 miles Next to an apartment complex On a major intersection Minimum traffic count of 30, High density of homes in growing area No competitors within 3 miles Next to high activity retail or restaurant Lot Space: Size MattersPurchasing land in a great location may cost you double what it costs in another location. According to Hermes, a minimum of 40, rentable square feet is required to warrant an on-site manager.

Storage building business plans

Self-Storage Business Plan Executive Summary This storage business plan describes a proposed self-storage facility to be established in Westbury, New York involving the conversion of an existing building.

Objectives After achieving experience and success in their present self-storage facility in Plainview, New York the principals of this proposed project plan to take advantage of the strong demand in the self-storage industry to achieve a major presence in Westbury.

The ownership connection with Stote Moving will assist in gaining full occupancy quickly. Keys to Success The keys to success in the self-storage business are: To provide dry, secure, and clean facilities with convenient access. To have good connections in the moving industry to direct customers needing temporary storage space.

To be able to adapt as storage and market needs change. Company Summary Westbury Storage is a start-up project to be located in Westbury.

The owners are experienced in the moving and storage field, owning a well-established moving company Stote Movers and a successful self-storage facility in nearby Plainview Plainview Storage. The building to be purchased for this project is a large brick building originally constructed as a bleachers around This building as well as surrounding buildings, were connected with the now dying leather industry which flourished a few decades ago.

A large building of similar size located next door and connected by a walk bridge has already been converted successfully and is operating well. The Westbury Storage building contains three floors of heavy-duty wood and steel beam construction ideally suited to the planned purpose of self-storage units.

The building is heated by oil. One of the two elevator shafts will be the home for a new over-sized passenger elevator suitable for transporting storage contents from the ground level to the units on the second and third floors.

Mini Storage

A large separate parking lot area comes with the building but will not be needed for this project. This lot could be sold or could be the site of additional future storage units to be set up using one of several one-story steel storage systems. It is estimated that, with purchase of the building taking place in June of this year, the conversion into storage units could be completed and ready for occupancy by the end of the year.

storage building business plans

Demand for the units is strong, as evidenced by the market survey of existing self-storage facilities. Company Ownership The company will be incorporated as an S Corporation, and will be owned by three individuals: Roger Black and Sebastian Stote are owners of Plainview Storage which is a unit self-storage facility converted in from a former piano factory.

All units are fully rented. Sebastian Stote is owner of Stote Movers, which is a family business providing residential and commercial moving since In addition to being the source of many of the rentals at Plainview Storage, Stote Movers has 52 filled foot trailers located in Roslyn-by-the-Sea.

Start-up Summary Advertising and promotion will rely heavily ads in the Yellow Pages, as well as initial local newspaper ads at the time of opening.

Cost To Build Self Storage

They will be reduced in the second year to half this amount and eliminated in the third year. Significant increases are not expected. Building maintenance is normally a very substantial item on a building of this size built in However, the roof has been completely redone fairly recently and the basic structure of the building is very robust.

The start-up costs reflect adequate amounts to ready the building for opening in good order. Also, it should be noted that expenditures for building maintenance would need to be larger if the building were being used for offices rather than storage. Services Westbury Storage will provide short- and long-term self-storage services in the North Shore community.

The company owners have extensive experience in the storage business as well as the good connections in the moving business. The later will help utilize the storage space at the maximum capacity.

Westbury Storage will provide about 45, square feet of well maintained self-storage units that will be offered for both residential and small business renters. A total of self-storage units of various sizes will be created and offered for rent by Westbury Storage in a central location in downtown Westbury.

The present supply of these units is insufficient to meet the demand as evidenced by a survey of all self-storage facilities within easy reach of Westbury residents. The price realized by these existing units is more than double the national average.Storage Building Business Lowes Diy Plans New Shady Rest Campground Reviews Building A Step Ladder Contract In Pd2 Ebay Sheds 8x12 That is all there is in .

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