Students interest in literature

Why Study Comparative Literature?

Students interest in literature

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Ambong This chapter presents a review related literature and studies related to choice of specialization of senior high school students. The chapter includes the following topics: Senior High School Senior High School is two years of specialized upper secondary education; students may choose a specialization based on aptitude, interests, and school capacity.

Attitude of Secondary Students towards Mathematics and its Relationship to Achievement in Mathematics. Sabita Mahanta1 and Mofidul Islam2. are male and are female students. 2. Review of Literature. F. Khatoon[6] has studied the relationship of mathematical aptitude among boys and girls with interest and vocational preferences. Though. Mar 10,  · Developments of students interest were really affected by their peers and classmates. Theoretical Framework According to Elmer() as cited in Arguelles & Miranda (), specialization planning is life goal setting. 96 Recommended Works of Multicultural Literature for the Secondary Classroom Provided below is a list of recommended readings suggested by teachers from the.

The choice of career track will define the content of the subjects a student will take in Grades 11 and In SHS, students will go through a core curriculum and subjects under a track of their choice http: Each student in Senior High School can choose among three tracks: The Academic track includes three strands: Filipinos are known to be competitive in the international community.

However, our current education system hinders us from becoming even more competitive. Starting in the school year, the education system of the Philippines was enhanced from the ten years of basic education to a year program through an initiative called the K Education Plan sponsored by the Department of Education HubPages Inc.

The K program offers a decongested year program that gives students sufficient time to master skills and absorb basic competencies. You may find one aspect of your career is more financially rewarding than another, or that working your way through the ranks holds greater financial incentive than staying in the same job.

Your personal financial needs are also likely to influence the career choices you make. Opportunity is the third factor that has shaped career choices for students.

Opportunity may influence how students have perceived their future in terms of the reasonable probability of a future in particular career fields. Students must take seriously the role grades play in limiting opportunities in the future.

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Most of the students lack adequate information regarding various careers hence the choices that they make are embedded in their perception of the ideal job and the subjects they study in secondary school Taylor et al, Family Parents often have an influence on the career paths their offspring pursue.

A parent may urge a child into a vocation similar to their own, or to one that has demonstrated high earning power. Many children grow up idealizing the professions of their parents. If you always looked up to your mother and admired her teaching skills, that may influence you to pursue a career in education.

Parents may also intentionally or unintentionally push a child toward a particular career path, especially in the cases of family-owned businesses, where parents expect their children to take over the company.

Parental support and encouragement are important factors that have been found to influence career choice. Friends may influence an individual choice of career. Individual interest may be affected by peers for the reason that one wants to be with them in fulfilling dreams or a certain career.Invite students to socialize around reading.


Set up book clubs, reading groups, literature circles. Set up book clubs, reading groups, literature circles. Many students (especially boys) need to interact with each other around texts.

Learning Outcomes in English/Literature level: General Interest. In literature courses at the level, students will demonstrate. The level in the literature track provides students with an introduction to the discipline through the study of particular topics, issues, genres, or authors.

Under the general heading Reader and. Despite that renewed interest in including literary works in English language curricula, students" interest and perceptions of literature in this context have rarely been investigated or.

students with an interest in comparative literature If you are planning to go on in Comparative Literature, you should list "Comparative Literature" as your subfield on the first page of the application, perhaps as one of a pair of subfields, such as "" or "".

The review of related literature of this study identifies how fear and interest, together with the students’ study habits can affect their performance in various subject matters, specifically, mathematics. To begin this chapter, the.

Students interest in literature

Improving Students’ Learning With Effective Learning Techniques: Promising initial survey of the literature indicated that they could improve student success across a wide range of conditions.

Other tech- and particular variables of interest can be easily compared across techniques.

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