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The language comprises two geographic, mutually intelligible dialects. The Apache language is closely related to the Navajo Language; the Navajos and Apaches are believed to have migrated from northwestern Canada and eastern Alaskawhere the majority of Athabaskan speakers reside. The tribe adopted crop-farming techniques from the Pueblo peoples, growing mainly cornbeansand squash.

The navajo

On April 15,the tribe changed its official name to the Navajo Nation, which is also displayed on the seal. This was a period of Native American activism and assertion of sovereignty. The Navajo people have continued to transform their conceptual understandings of government since it joined the United States by the Treaty of Social, cultural and political academics continue to debate the nature of the modern Navajo governance and how it has The navajo to include the systems and economies of the "western world".

This experiment was designed to assimilate Native Americans to the majority culture, the federal government proposed to divide communal lands into plots assignable to heads of household — tribal members — for their subsistence farming, in the pattern of small family farms common among European Americans.

The land allocated to Navajos was initially not considered as part of the reservation. Further, the government determined that land "left over" after all members had received allotments was to be considered "surplus" and available for sale to non-Native Americans.

The allotment program continued until Today, this patchwork of reservation and non-reservation land is called "the checkerboard" area. They are leased to Navajo individuals, livestock and grazing associations, and livestock companies.

InElouise Cobell Blackfeet filed a class action suit against the federal government on behalf of an estimated , plaintiffs, Native Americans whose trust accounts did not reflect an accurate accounting of monies owed them under leases or fees on trust lands.

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The settlement of Cobell v. Individuals could sell their fractionated land interests on a voluntary basis, at market rates, through this program if their tribe participated.

The navajo

Almost 11, Navajo citizens were paid for their interests under this program. Clan governance[ edit ] In the traditional Navajo culture, local leadership was organized around clanswhich are matrilineal kinship groups.

The clan leadership have served as a de facto government on the local level of the Navajo Nation. This created an environment of misunderstanding, as its representatives did not consult sufficiently with the Navajo. Navajo Community College Press. Also during this period, under the Indian Reorganization Act IRA ofthe federal government was encouraging tribes to revive their governments according to constitutional models shaped after the United States.

Because of the outrage and discontent about the herd issues, the Navajo voters did not trust the language of the proposed initial constitution outlined in the legislation.

The navajo

This contributed to their rejection of the first version of a proposed tribal constitution. In the various attempts since, members found the process to be too cumbersome and a potential threat to tribal self-determination, as the constitution was supposed to be reviewed and approved by BIA.Mission Statement.

Navajo Department of Behavioral Health Services is Committed to the Health and Well-Being of the Navajo People. nCHR Resource Link.

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The Navajo Nation has a land base of 27, square miles, extending into the States of Arizona, New Mexico, & Utah. This area has a long history going back as far as pre-historic times & the subsequent arrival of Spanish & European settlers.

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Navajo Nation Sexual Harassment Awareness TRAINING SCHEDULE. Oct - Dec Health & Safety Training Schedule (Revised) - Navajo Nation Safety & Loss Control Program.

Nov 20 Sexual Violence Prevention Awareness Training - Navajo Nation Museum, Window Rock, AZ. Nov 29 Diné Uranium Remediation Advisory Commission Meeting - Sweetwater Chapter House, Sweetwater, AZ.

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