The possible discovery of aliens and ufos

This allows people to use only minimal details to recognize faces from a distance and in poor visibility but can also lead them to interpret random images or patterns of light and shade as being faces. Soon after the alien autopsy footage was broadcast on Fox television, serious doubts were raised about its authenticity. Skeptics and even many UFO researchers branded the film a hoax, pointing out anachronisms and inconsistencies in the film. Inthe special effects artist who created the alien body shown in the video confessed that it was in fact an elaborate hoax.

The possible discovery of aliens and ufos

In Decembera lady contacted our website because she believed she had been abducted by aliens. But what made this encounter unique was that she also had film footage of the abduction!

Cosmic Conpiracies has the World exclusive rights to this encounter and footage. Click here to read the complete story and view the footage The following article was written by guest writer, Harv Howard. We have been lead to believe that our efforts into space have advanced along purely typical lines of scientific investigation of natural phenomena such as Mankind has always done on Earth.


That quest has naturally moved outward to other worlds in our solar system and beyond as technology has allowed. Such is true in the greater sense of what Science is about. But the driving force of off-planet investigations has at its core a hidden agenda beyond that of our innate curiosity.

The directed goal has been a search for answers to a troubling predicament: Where do the UFO's come from, and are they local to our solar system? We are in the midst of a slow, scientific disclosure that started with our early space probes and is increasing in velocity at an ever-increasing rate.

Under our watchful and frequently enthralled eyes we have been presented with a growing escalation of new discoveries every few weeks. The public knows these revelations as Martian meteorites with fossilized primitive life forms, water on Mars, and the Moon, Titian maybe harboring life in its oceans, Mars anomalies, and, recently, planets found around other stars.

Without a doubt, the discovery of earth-like planets will be found any day now. Unbeknown to the public, that all-important question has never been fully or correctly answered. Click to read more Bridget Grant looks like an ordinary housewife more at home making the school run than giving speeches at public conferences around the world.

But her extraordinary experiences mean she is in big demand both here and in America. In her 40 years she claims to have had at least 17 encounters with UFOs, including five up close. I can't understand it but I need answers," she said.

I feel very happy that I've witnessed what I have. She was about my height and I thought she was Chinese because of her eyes. She showed me some money - a Hong Kong note - and she showed me her house. She didn't say much but I had to get home for tea so we arranged to meet the next day.

It had been at the end of a cul-de-sac but now there was a field where the house had been. The grass shimmered from the lights and I can remember jumping down from something and going home. Looking back on the incident 33 years later, she wonders if the girl was really an alien - a so-called Grey.

UFO experts she has told the story to suggest the gazebo may have been a spaceship. It is possible aliens implanted what are known as "screen memories" to make her see a little girl and a gazebo rather than the more alarming images of an alien and spaceship.

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I would be told someone had died, wherever it was, in particular circumstances. These paranormal experiences went on from when I was five or six until I was This feeling of apprehension came over me.

It was like stage fright - I was very anxious and my hands were gripping the steering wheel tighter and tighter. I saw a glimmer of silver reflecting from the metal frame between the door and the windscreen and then to the left over my head was this massive craft.

What Are EVP Recordings?

It was eight to ten metres away, silver, round and 35ft to 40ft long. There was a burning red-orange glow underneath and I thought, 'What the hell is this?Jul 01,  · Normal families argue about politics, or religion. For mine, it was aliens. Namely, the question of whether or not they were real.

We weren’t a particularly religious family, and everyone was a. Donate to Support Free And Honest Journalism At Subscribe To RenseRadio! Enormous Online Archives, MP3s, Streaming Audio Files, Highest Quality Live Programs.

Aliens on Mars: Is this ancient alien lioness statue evidence of UFOs? IMAGES of what appears to be ancient alien structure on the surface of Mars have surfaced online, stunning UFO hunters and.

The Watcher Files: UFOs, Aliens, Reptilians, Secret Government Black Projects - Sherry Shriner

No, it is a deception creat by the aliens?? to turn people away from God. It is part of many so called alien abductee testimonies. They also say that Jesus and God are aliens and that they made Jesus as well and God is the supreme alien. Ancient Astronaut Theory. There are many subroutines running in the hologram we call our reality - evidence of previous experiences found in many parts of the planet sometimes as inserts that suddenly appears out of nowhere and are alien to us..

Most people believe in aliens - from ancient visitors to modern day extraterrestrials who visit Earth with an agenda. Are UFOs and aliens real?

The possible discovery of aliens and ufos

Have we been visited by aliens? Are they here still? Legends and artifacts dating back thousands of years have ignited man's attention and imagination for centuries with theories of ancient astronauts and alien beings from other planets.

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