Walmart sustainability case study analysis

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Walmart sustainability case study analysis

It was during this stage that the retailing corporation introduced green products in its store and placing them on shelves with green tags. As a result, Walmart revised its business sustainable strategy came up with bold announcements in a broadcast in Octobernarrowing down its goals to; relying completely on renewable energy, producing zero waste and selling sustainable products that are environment friendly.


After more than a decade of the unveiling of sustainable business strategy given by Walmart, the company has managed to come far from where it started. Walmart has managed to cut down Moreover, the company has redesigned its transportation routes and operations hence increased the overall efficiency of its fleet.

This further reduces the emissions released in the environment and increases fuel efficiency. Walmart has also coped with the harsh criticisms of suburban sprawling by investing in preservation and restoration of wildlife habitats in collaboration with National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and has successfully conserved an area of 1 million acres, stretched along 33 states of America Gunther, The corporation has also worked meticulously to assess and measure the sustainability of its products and hence created The Sustainability Consortium in The tool was also launched to create a standard and to convey the sustainability assessment mechanism to its consumers.

This initiative was further extended to the Walmart suppliers under The Sustainability Index which helps them to evaluate life cycle analysis of the products they supply. The company further invested in efficient refrigerator trucks and diesel-electric for product supply that do not require the engine to run to keep the products cold hence reducing carbon dioxide emissions as well as the fuel load.

Walmart sustainability case study analysis

Walmart has also shown commitment. Even though Walmart has achieved many milestones in environment sustainability in accordance with the goals it set init has yet to mitigate all the environmental degradation that its practices cost.

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Apart from that, the company has not managed to provide science-based targets for controlling its emissions that contribute to climate change Gunther, Furthermore, the company has also been accused of green-washing and has recently faced a law suit, which was settled for one million dollars in California for labelling its plastic goods as biodegradable and compostable without providing scientific standards Hardcastle, Keeping in view all the initiatives as well as the milestones that are yet to be achieved by Walmart, the company is making viable efforts to achieve environmental sustainability but at a rather slower pace than what had been stated in their strategic goals.

Walmart Sustainability Efforts Following its business sustainability strategic plan inWalmart has taken many initiatives in sustaining the environment as well as the socio-economic situation for its workers and the community.

Walmart has laid a foundation of social sustainability in its supply chain by initiating this project. In the same spirit, Walmart has invested to improve labour conditions in Mexica and has stressed on ethical recruitment process in Thailand in collaboration with the government and NGOs to avoid human trafficking in Thai seafood industry.

The company has committed to attain certification of Marine Stewardship Council MSC to ensure that sustainable fishing practices are adopted throughout its supply chain line.

This initiative causes stringent rules to be applied in fisheries hence avoiding the extinction of many sea creatures while helping in the growth of a sustainable seafood industry. The company has followed the same practice for sustainable beef supply and has founded U.

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Roundtable for Sustainable Beef as a result to ensure sustainability in the whole supply chain line. Moreover, Walmart has adopted several other methods to ensure sustainable production distribution of food around the world.BibMe Free Bibliography & Citation Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard.

Patience, relentless investment and serial innovation have helped Jeff Bezos’s company “shred the competition”. At some point in the near future, 85% of the world’s products will be available on Amazon.

by Robert Engelman We are far from a world in which all births result from intended pregnancies. Surveys show that approximately 40% of pregnancies are unintended in developing countries, and 47% in developed ones. The case describes Wal-Mart’s efforts to accomplish this, focusing on three of the company’s primary focus areas (seafood, electronics, and textiles) and their effect on the company’s operations, supplier relationships, and results.

Walmart sustainability case study analysis

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