Woman is superior to men

Women are smarter than men. Women are more sensual than men. Women also have a superior sense of hearing and can distinguish between different scents far better than men can. Women are better at finding things than men.

Woman is superior to men

Stereotypes say that men are more dominating, vigilant and stable, while women are more sensitive, warmer and empathetic. In biological terms, men and women have different body structures, biological responses and sexual systems. So which sex is superior, men or women?

Some think that the clash between men and women was finally settled on a tennis court on September 20, in Houston, Texas. In spite of the fact that men are seen as having superior physical strength, Riggs lost to Billie Jean King. She started out strong and proceeded to win every game, and ultimately, the entire match.

That year, there was no question that women were superior to men on the tennis court. Some think that women are unquestionably superior in other areas, too. The Miracle of Birth One of the most obvious differences between men and women is that women can give birth to the next generation.

Are Men Superior to Women?

Of course, the man does his part, but the baby grows within the body of the mother. The baby and the mother form a profound bond, even before the baby is born. It has long been known that the mother passes nutrients and immunities to the baby, but a recent study suggests that cells of the mother may migrate to the fetus, and vice versa.

No Pain, No Gain In a related issue, many believe that to withstand childbirth women are endowed with a higher tolerance for pain than men. There are studies that show that women have evolved to experience pain differently from men, and even feel a higher degree of pain in similar circumstances, but they are better able to deal with the pain.

Of course, since pain is subjective, it is difficult to measure in a scientific experiment. Surviving on Less Women, as a whole, can survive longer than men without food.

That is because women typically have more body fat than men do and less muscle mass. This situation gives females a double advantage.

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They have the metabolic benefit of stored calories in the form of fatty tissue, and they have the advantage because fatty tissue requires fewer calories in the diet than muscle.

They need less air, water and food than their male counterparts. Living Longer Statistically, women live longer than men. By the age of 85 there are approximately only four men to every six women, and by the age of there are two women for every man.

The facts are undeniable. The question is, why?

10 Reasons Why Women are more Superior to Men - List Dose

The answer may be a combination of lifestyle choices and biology. Males have a significantly higher death rate from the mid teenage years until the mid twenties, when they engage in reckless and violent behavior that can make them the victim of accidents, homicide and drowning.

Woman is superior to men

However, there are other reasons. Women typically eat healthier diets including fruits and vegetables, while some men prefer a meat and potatoes diet. Women also tend to take better care of themselves by getting screened for illness regularly for early detection, and they seek appropriate care if they do get sick.

Emotional Intelligence Many feel that women are poised to take over leadership roles in the workplace because of their superior social skills and emotional intelligence.

How God made man superior to woman | Biblical Gender Roles

Emotional intelligence includes an array of attributes from self-mastery to interpersonal abilities. On the other hand, women tend to have less self-confidence than men.Apr 16,  · "Women are not equal to men; they are superior in many ways, and in most ways that will count in the future. It is not just a matter of culture or upbringing.

Woman is superior to men

If you reside on Earth, you’ve probably heard of the myriad ways men are superior to women. Men have historically dominated the fields of science and philosophy and filtered their conclusions about the world through their own biases, resulting in some tragic, absurd, and hilarious misrepresentations of women.

No, women are not superior to men, because we are all valuable in God's sight. Society could not function without men or women.

We compliment each other and we each make life interesting. Neither gender is superior to the other, even though it . I can go anywhere and feel like a ghost – an invisible thing, not an object.

Women don’t have that privilege, unless they wear a burka. 8. Statically speaking, people with vaginas have less testosterone than people with cocks. Testosterone is a wonderful chemical and it sucks that women, statistically, don’t have that much of it. 9. Boobs. Claim: <em>Lord of the Flies<\/em> author William Golding once said that women are "far superior [to men] and always have been."True.

Women are not superior to men. Women have been fighting to fit in and be able to do the jobs that men are used to only be doing. I think anything that women should be treated as equal to men but not one superior over the other.

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