Writing a fanfiction story

Very often the texts come with self-made illustrations. There are also many comics and a lot of fan art. The text was readtimes, and there are 2, comments left so far. The site is currently in beta stage, but you are free to read the stories even if you are not a registered user.

Writing a fanfiction story

Stories based on the various Star Trek incarnations. Definition of fan writing a fanfiction story and the Harry Potter phenomenon. Fan fiction commonly known as fanfiction is a loosely defined term for fiction about characters or settings, written by admirers of the original work.

Fanfics are not commissioned by the owner and creator and are very rarely published professionally. Most fan fiction writers assume that their readers have knowledge of the canon original universe in which their works are based.

According to some sources, fanfiction existed as far back as the 17th century, but it's becoming particularly popular these days when we have so many forms of entertainment.

The Harry Potter fanfiction phenomenon is especially impressive. There are so many fics written by the fans of the series, that you could say J. Rowling awakened the generation of children not only to reading, but creative writing as well!

A few things to consider Why would you even write a fanfic? Some might say "it's not like you are getting paid for it". It's true that you won't make any money from your fanfiction and if you do, that's probably illegal but there are many other benefits, such as improving your writing skills, stimulating your fantasy and giving your favorite story a "better" ending or a spin-off you always wanted to see in the original work.

Let's not forgot the social aspect, too. Internet lets you publish your story instantly, getting a lot of readers to post reviews and comments that will help you improve. Plus, it feels great to get positive reviews from people saying that they loved your work.

Of course, then there's always the pressure from your fans to release the next chapter sooner. If this happens to you, just remember that you are writing the story for yourself first, and take as much time as you think is needed don't release half-baked chapters just because your readers demand it.

See it this way: Writing fanfiction is not only fun, but can also be a great way to improve your skills. If you think those are your weak points, get someone to proof-read your story if possible "beta" in fanfiction slangor at least run a spell-checker.

Finding a beta and letting him to read your story before releasing each chapter is always a good idea even if your spelling is great.

Try to understand the feelings and motives of the characters in the original work. Explain the changes they experience in your fic.

A person can't go from a wuss to a badass in one day, simply speaking. There's nothing stopping your fantasy and getting crazy with the characters, but in that case people usually tag their stories as AU Alternate Universe.

It's an excellent idea to have a rough draft of the whole fic, or at least an outline, before starting to post chapters online. Do not give in to the pressure of readers.

Don't get discouraged by the negative comments, but pay attention to constructive criticism. Your readers might give you good ideas for improving the story, but always remember that you are the author.

Your story should make sense. Yes, you can write whatever you want - however, it's usually a good idea to think of a nice plot, not to have any perfect characters just taking revenge on everyone during whole fic.

That being said, a well-written crackfic can be quite fun! Finally, the specifics of fanfiction aside, it's really like writing any other kind of story. You still need to have some writing skills and there are tons of information online how to improve them.

Fanfiction is actually a good way to start writing, and should be much easier than creating an original work from scratch, because you already have characters and world created for you.

All you have to do is play around with them.

Step two: Determine your genre

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My fanfiction writing started tapering off when I took journalism classes that required reporting, and it ended completely when I graduated from college and started a writing-intensive internship.

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writing a fanfiction story

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writing a fanfiction story
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